He can even see the white moon in the sky.
Day and night alternate, one day 南京桑拿会所 just passed.
The four seasons reincarnate, and one year has passed.
The new and the old alternate, and an era has just passed.
Although I am only thirty-one years old, perhaps, really, my time has passed.
The last piece of the puzzle
in Chapter 6 After an hour of reaching the top, all the Bayern Munich 南京龙凤论坛 players can finally enjoy fragrant coffee and delicious cakes in that small cafe.
For the Bayern Munich players who have just experienced the hellish experience, even though the coffee is just so fragrant and the cake is just so good, when they eat it, many people still cannot help but shed tears.
At this moment, in their opinion, this is the best cake in the world, and the most fragrant coffee.
Even people like Schweinsteiger couldn’t help taking a sip of coffee in a very enjoyable way: “It’s delicious!”
He praised it from the bottom of his heart.
Ram, who was sitting next to him, lowered his head and just ate cakes, his greedy appearance was like a child who had never eaten cakes.
Rongguang and Ismail sat across from them.
After only a few bites, Rongguang put down his fork.
“No appetite, Rong?” Ismail asked next to 南京夜生活论坛 him.
Rongguang shook his head: “No, this cheesecake is too high in calories. I’m worried about it.”
“Oh, please, Rong. The calories we consumed just now, ten pieces of this cake can’t make up for it, you know?” Shi Weinsteiger rolled his eyes when Rong Guang said this.
“You have all been training with the team for so long, don’t worry. I just finished my vacation. I feel that my body is not as good as last season, so I want to lose weight.” Rong Guang said.
Hearing this, Ram raised his head, looked at the glory seriously, and then shook his head: “You still need to lose weight? You have to lose weight, so what should we do, Rong? I think what you need is not to lose weight. , But gain weight!”
Rongguang still shook his head.
Ram simply held the plate in front of